Skills are a tool in route optimization to assign certain destinations to specific drivers. It works through tags or labels to group customers in a certain way.

For example, you can define the Driver 1 tag for 3 private customers that want to be assigned to that driver. When assigning the driver in the creation of the route, the Driver 1 tag must be assigned to the desired driver.

It is possible to configure the skill of each client in your list of registered customers. This skill will be occupied in each new Route Plan that includes the client. For that you must:

  1. Go to the Clients Section of My Company.
  2. Then you enter the Customer Profile to configure.
  3. By pressing Edit, in the Operational Data section, you can save that user's default skill.

It is also possible to configure the skill of a client included in the Route Plan, but only for that particular Route Plan. For that you must:

  1. Go to the Client Section of the Wizard or the Editor.
  2. Then press the client edit button to configure it.
  3. In the indicated field you can add the skill used for that particular client.