Optimization Configuration Options

In the optimization configuration you can define optional parameters to obtain an optimized route more precise, personalized and close to reality.

There are 2 configuration categories, basic and advanced.

The basic configuration has 7 customization possibilities according to the needs of each business:

  • Optimization preferences: used to prioritize time or distance in optimization. In other words, if you select time as the dimension to be optimized Optiroute will search and choose as a solution the Route Plan that contains routes that in total take less time. On the other hand, if you select distance as a variable to optimize, the Route Plan chosen as optimal will be the one whose routes together travel less distance.
  • Speed ​​factor: Select a factor according to the average speed of your fleet. This option is usable when you want to adjust the arrival times in the different destinations of the route. For example, if the factor is 1.2, the arrival times will have to be earlier compared to the original. If you apply a factor of 0.8 the arrival times will be made later. It is important to consider that if you added time window or driver breaks restrictions the order and assignment of the route will change when the speed factor is modified, this because the factor modifies the travel times, but the temporary restrictions remain fixed .
  • Default service time: Time allocated for delivery, from when the vehicle stops until the route to the next destination begins. Check what is the service time.
  • Load balancing: Enable the load of the vehicles to assign the demand of your customers in a homogeneous way between the vehicles. considering the maximum capacity of the fleet of vehicles occupied in the Route Plan.
  • Use time windows: Optimization considers customer time availability information. Check out what time windows are.
  • Use vehicle capacity: Optimization will consider the information respecting the capacity of each vehicle
  • Optimize start time: Use this option to optimize the start time of your routes. If you do not select this option, all routes will begin at the start time of the shift. Optimizing the start time allows Optiroute to decide what is the optimal time to start your routes, considering the time range entered in the Route Plan.

The advanced configuration has optimization options for Route Plans with more specific:

  • Comprehensive search: Optiroute uses artificial intelligence to find the optimal route according to your restrictions. This works by intelligently analyzing the set of solutions that satisfy the restrictions entered, choosing those that are best evaluated according to whether time or distance is optimized. This option is useful for finding better solutions if you are not satisfied with the search for standard solutions. This option should be considered if more than one vehicle with various skills, deadlines or priorities is used. Check that they are windows of time, skills.
  • Comprehensive search time: Enter the analysis time for the exhaustive search. The exhaustive search will take all the time to find routes.