How to use the driver application

To start the route it must have been notified to the driver's app. Check how to notify the routes.

After the driver has downloaded the mobile application, you must log in with the email that identifies it as a driver. Review how to create accounts for a driver.

Once entered on the platform, the user can see in the main view the list of notified routes. By clicking on any of them you can access the detail view of the route, which contains the map with the destinations and the horizontal list temporarily arranged with the name and address of the deposits and customers within the Route. If you click on the name of the destination you can access the view with its more detailed information.

To start the route you can press the Start Route button that appears in the first element of the horizontal list, which corresponds to the starting deposit. You can also start it by pressing the Start Route button within the detail view of the starting deposit.

Upon starting the route, the departure deposit is automatically completed and the journey to the next point begins. Check what are the life cycle states of the route destinations.

For each route destination the operation is the same, the status can be changed both in the horizontal list, as in the particular detail of each destination.

When the destination state changes to the arrived state, the detailed view of the application will be opened with a stopwatch, it will record the time that has elapsed since you arrived until you started the trip to the next destination. This time corresponds to the service time. At Optiroute, we know how fundamental it is to correctly estimate the time needed to make a good projection of the delivery time for all your customers.

The position and status change data of the route destinations are stored on the mobile device and are reported to the central server as long as the connectivity allows. Therefore connection losses will not prevent the normal use of the application.

Only when all stored data is reported is it possible to start another route.