How to edit a route

After you have created or cloned a Route Plan you will be redirected to the Route Editor which is divided into 3 sections with the main components of the Route Plan; the section of Clients added, the section of Selected Vehicles and the section of the routes obtained. Check how to optimize Route Plans.

In the Routes section it is possible to visualize the order of the routes obtained as a timeline or as a client list. It's in this section that the real-time information of the route being made is updated on the map and in the list of destinations.

Both the customer section and the added vehicles section can be added, deleted and modified elements and the options of the selected elements, in the same way as in the Wizard. It is also possible to change the optimization options from the configuration menu or modify the name of the Route Plan, the start date and the time range to be used.

The Route Editor allows you to reorder the destinations of the route suggested by the optimization, as long as the route has not yet started. Review how to reorder the destinations of a route.

Once the changes have been made to any of the described views, it is necessary to optimize again to obtain the Route Plan that considers the modifications.

Once you are satisfied with the Route Plan obtained, you can notify the drivers and customers. Check how to notify the Route Plan to drivers.