What is the difference between Optiroute and maps and navigation applications?

Navigation applications such as Waze, Google Navigation are geared to find the best route to navigate between two locations. However, these aren’t able to determine the optimal order of the destinations on the routes, much less using multiple vehicles

On the other hand OpenStreetMap and Google Maps allow you to determine the route between many destinations, but only for one vehicle. In addition these aren’t ordered to find the shortest route and will only determine the route based on the order in which the destinations were delivered.

Optiroute, using artificial intelligence, assign the clients between several vehicles and determine the optimal order of your route, so that the route made is the shortest.

It also considers a series of factors that other types of platforms do not have:

  • Time windows: specific times when certain clients have availability to receive the service dispatch.
  • Multiple vehicles: Optiroute can allocate destinations optimally among multiple vehicles
  • Vehicle capacity: You can better manage the distribution of your fleet's cargo by assigning the maximum number of shipments per vehicle, and the quantity demanded by each customer.
  • Route editor: Modify the order of your route destinations as you wish, simply by dragging the destinations in our route editor.
  • Real-time tracking: observe the position of the vehicles and the status of the dispatches as they occur.
  • Customer notifications: notifies customers of the time when the service will be delivered, either by mail, notifications or SMS
  • Load balancing: Allows to distribute customer demand evenly among vehicles