Why should I use Optiroute?

When you have a small number of customers and a single vehicle, it is relatively easy to make a route on your own so that it looks the shortest. But when the number of customers grows or you already have more than one vehicle you will waste a lot of time making your routes and organizing your clients, and they are probably not as optimal as you would like.

Also keeping track of your cast can get really complicated, especially when you outsource it.

If this is your case you should consider trying Optiroute.

With Optiroute you can find routes up to 20% more efficient than those created manually, in just minutes, saving on fuel and controlling shipments.

Using our platform you can control in real time the status of the routes that are being made and the position of your drivers. You can also inform your customers, through mail and the web, about the range of hours in which the service will be dispatched.

With the trajectory report you will be able to know which was the effective route made by your drivers to contrast it with the suggested one.